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Character Creation Template

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Character Creation Template

The template for your character is below. You are free add your own formatting, fonts or style to the application, but do not remove any of the sections. After your character is accepted, the thread will be moved into the Profile Database forum. From there onwards, you can update your character as you rank up, learn new Jutsu and other abilities along the way. When you post your character application, use this format for the title:

[Character Rank Here] Last name, First Name

[center][size=24][i]Last Name, First Name[/i][/size][/center]






[b]Appearance: [/b]



[b]Basic Elements:[/b]

[b]Advanced Elements:[/b]

[b]Chakra Pool:[/b]


[b]Bloodline Description:[/b]

[b]Bloodline Jutsu:[/b]

[b]Celestial Gates Learned:[/b]:

[b]Fighting Style:[/b]

[b]Combat Strengths:[/b]

[b]Combat Weaknesses:[/b]

[b]Main Weapon:[/b]

[b]Equipment/Side Arms[/b]:
Location [Item & Amount]

[b]E/D Rank Jutsu[/b]

[b][Clone Jutsu][/b]
Rank: E
Type: Basic
Requirements: None
Description: The user creates an identical clone capable of speaking. The clone has no physical properties and will disperse the moment is touched. At a basic level, the user is only capable of creating one clone.

[b][Transformation Jutsu][/b]
Rank: E
Type: Basic
Requirements: None
Description: The user transforms their appearance.

Rank: E
Type: Basic
Requirements: None
Description: The user is able to move objects by using their mind and their chakra in conjunction with one another. At the most basic level, the user is only capable of manipulating small objects that are relatively light, such as a basic Shuriken, for example. In addition, at basic levels the user is not capable of manipulating objects in motion; only at rest.

[b]C Rank Jutsu[/b]

[b]B Rank Jutsu[/b]

[b]A Rank Jutsu[/b]

[b]S Rank Jutsu[/b]

[b]Black Note:[/b]

S-Rank Missions - 0
A-Rank Missions - 0
B-Rank Missions - 0
C-Rank Missions - 0
D-Rank Missions - 0

Character Creation Guide

Character Age:
- Be reasonable about this. Maximum age for Academy Students is 15 years old, and minimum age is 9 years old.

- Be reasonable about this.
- For reference: Height/Weight Chart
- There is a Unit Converter in the navigation bar next to the log out button. Feel free to utilize it.

- You may include a picture, a written description, or both.
- Note that it is common courtesy to place a spoiler tag around larger images.
- This should be one of the most detailed aspects of your application.
- If you include a written description, be sure to include information like eye color, hair color ect...

- Be descriptive

- Talk about the history of your character.
- Please be descriptive. This should be the most detailed section of your character application.
- If you choose to create an individual Bloodline, please be sure to include information/history on how you attained that bloodline here.

- Everyone starts off as an Academy Student.
- Feel free to check out the Rank Requirements Guide and the What You Can do at Each Rank Guide for information on ranking up and what you are able to do at each rank.
- The Ranks are: Academy Student, Genin, Chuunin, Jounin
- In addition to the main four ranks, there are also Special Ranks/Occupations. They are: Kage and Missing Nin

- Choose from Blaze [Homura], Frost [Samuke], Moonlight [Gesshoku], Shade [Kumori], Sky [Sora]
- Blaze is located in the Land of the Sun, Frost is located in the Land of the Snow, Moonlight is located in the Land of the Twilight, Shade is located in the Land of Shadows, and Sky is located in the Land of the Clouds.

- The elements that your character has indicate what Jutsu you are capable of using. All characters can use Jutsu with no element.
- Basic Elements: Fire [Katon], Water[Suiton], Wind[Fuuton], Earth [Doton], Lightning [Raiton]
- Everyone can choose one basic element at Academy Student rank, and then a second basic element at Chuunin rank.

- In addition to the elements you choose at Academy Student Rank, each character can utilize an advanced element through a bloodline. This third element MUST either be a combination of your two basic elements, or an enhanced version of one of your two basic elements. An example of a combination of elements: Fire + Earth = Lava. An example of an enhanced version of a basic element: Earth basic element ---> Sand enhanced element.

- Here are some of the Advanced Elements that you may choose: Wood [Mokuton], Crystal [Shoton], Lava [Youton], Light[Hikariton], Metal [Kouton], Sand [Sunaton], Smoke/Ash [Haiton], Ice [Hyouton], Steam [Futton], Steel [Kouton], Storm [Ranton], Magnet [Jiton]
- You are free to come up with or use an advanced element that is NOT in this list for your bloodline.

Chakra Pool:
- In this RP Forum, we have something called "Chakra Limits" that define how many Jutsu of each rank you are capable of using during a battle, a mission, or just a general RP.
- The purpose of this is to ensure that people don't use an unrealistic amount of Jutsu relative to their rank, and also to help our RP Mods with their moderating duties.
- At the bottom of each of your posts, you will post your current chakra pool based on how any Jutsu you have used in that battle/mission/RP. The format will be, Chakra: (amount here)
- If you ever forget how much Chakra a certain Jutsu Rank uses, there is a link in the navigation bar that lists the Chakra Limits, net to the "Calender" link under the banner.
- - Example: A Genin is capable of using 20 E-Rank Jutsu, or 10 D-Rank Jutsu, or 5 C-Rank Jutsu, or 2 B-Rank Jutsu, or or a combination of all four.

- Everyone will have 40 Chakra at Character Creation. The Chakra that each Rank has is as follows:
- Academy Student: 40
- Genin: 100 chakra
- Chuunin: 300 chakra
- Jounin: 800 chakra
- Kage: 1000 chakra

- Here are the amounts of Chakra that each Jutsu uses based on its Jutsu Rank.
- E-Rank Jutsu: 5 chakra
- D-Rank Jutsu: 10 chakra
- C-Rank Jutsu 20 chakra
- B-Rank Jutsu: 50 chakra
- A-Rank Jutsu: 100 chakra
- S-Rank Jutsu: 200 chakra

- You may join an already existing Clan, or create your own.
- You must have 2 other members willing to join in order to create a Clan.
- The Clan List is located here: Link
- The Clan Creation forum is located here: Link
- If you do not plan on joining or creating a clan, don't include this field in your character application.
- If you choose to join a clan, be sure to include a link to the Clan's thread.

- The name of your bloodline.
- You may create an individual bloodline, or inherit a bloodline from a Clan chosen during creation.
- Individual Bloodlines may not have stages, and are limited to 5 Bloodline Jutsu maximum.
- Clan-based Bloodlines may have stages, and are limited to 8 Bloodline Jutsu maximum.

Bloodline Description:
- Describe your Bloodline's abilities. Be sure to be very descriptive, and include any major advantages and or weaknesses.
- If you have a Clan-based bloodline, you may either copy/paste the bloodline information from the Clan's thread, or you may simply post a link to the thread.

Bloodline Jutsu:
- List the names of your Bloodline Jutsu.

Celestial Gates Learned:
- Here is where Celestial Gates you have learned/trained will be. Leave blank for now.
- You may learn/train 1 Celestial Gate for every 3 Taijutsu your character knows. Example: A character with 18 Taijutsu may train the first 6 Celestial Gates.
- The Eight Celestial Gates Guide is located here: Link

Fighting Style:
- This is optional.
- Describe your fighting style, tactics and or philosophy.

Combat Strengths:
- List at least three combat strengths for your character. For example: Excellent Speed, Good Endurance, Good Reflexes, Ability to adapt to new environments
- Please be reasonable about this.

Combat Weaknesses:
- List at least three combat weaknesses for your character. For example: Poor Ability to fight in cold temperatures, Below Average Eye Sight, Poor Physical Strength, Poor teamwork skills
- Please be sure that these are balanced relative to your combat strengths. If they are not, a staff member may ask you to edit them accordingly.

Main Weapon:
- Your main/favored weapon of choice. Be reasonable about this. An Academy Student carrying a giant sword is not reasonable.
- Feel free to include images as well.

Equipment/Side Arms:
- If you would like, you may use this format: Location [Item & Amount]
- Here is a list of some common equipment:

One of the most basic tools in a shinobi's arsenal. The kunai is a short, all-purpose weapon and can be used as either a throwing knife or for close, hand to hand combat. For most shinobi, it is a vital part of their arsenal.

Otherwise known as throwing stars, shuriken are as dangerous as they are commonplace among shinobi. While there are many variations of the same basic design, the shuriken's primary role is that of a long range projectile, used to attack enemies from afar and from safe distances.

Windmill Shuriken:
A are a much larger version of the basic shuriken. Though it requires more time and dedication to master than a normal shuriken, the effects of being hit by a windmill shuriken are far more deadly. Many windmill shuriken are also collapsible, making them easier to carry.

Blood Pills:
This pill is used to replenish the blood inside a user, though at a risk. Once ingested, the massive and sudden surge of blood puts an extensive strain on the users mental capabilities and can very easily make them dizzy. Note that a user will continue to bleed out unless their wounds are healed or at least patched up somehow.

Water Pills:
A water pill is equal to a gallon of water, and will hydrate the user once eaten. The pill is also commonly used by those with the Water element to assist with creating water for their jutsu.

Food Pills:
The last pill of the collection is a food replacement for one meal, and helps to slightly energize the user. Though consuming more then two pills in a single day may cause obesity and shortness of breath.

Exploding Tags:
A very dangerous, very deadly weapon, exploding tags are pieces of paper with the Japanese character "Baku" or "Explode" written on their face. These tags can be easily placed on various objects and can be detonated with great force. An exploding tag has the concussive power of a hand grenade, and a radius of about 10-15 feet. Exploding tags do not burn or create fire by default.

Smoke Bomb:
Small circular sphere that can either used as a distraction or as an escape tool. It has several small holes to release the thick smoke contained within it when thrown.

A basic first aid tool available to all shinobi. Ointments are simply used as a healing agent to relieve pain or prevent infections. Ointments may also help the body clot wounds to help reduce bleeding.

Senbon Needles:
While mainly used for medical purposes such as acupuncture, some shinobi, once properly trained in their art, can use these thin needles as lethal weapons. Senbons are not as popular as other projectiles however, because they require a very fine sense of accuracy to be used effectively, but it is that very same accuracy that can make them an incredibly deadly tool for any shinobi willing to learn.

- Please follow the Jutsu format when listing Jutsu. The format is as follows:

[Jutsu Name]
Rank: E, D, C, B, A, or S
Type: Ninjutsu/Genjutsu/Taijutsu, Element
Requirements: Equipment, weapons, or conditions necessary to perform the Jutsu.
Description: The Jutsu description

- Everyone starts with three basic Jutsu: Clone, Transformation, and Telekinesis. They -do not- count towards your Jutsu total.
- Here are the Jutsu Slot Distributions by Rank:

Jutsu Slots by Rank:
Academy Students
Total Jutsu: 2
Slot Distribution: 2 D-Rank

Total Jutsu: 8
Slot Distribution: 1 B-Rank, 4 C-Rank, 3 D-Rank

Total Jutsu: 15
Slot Distribution: 2 A-Rank, 5 B-Rank, 5 C-Rank, 3 D-Rank

Total Jutsu: 25
Slot Distribution: 2 S-Rank, 5 A-Rank, 6 B-Rank, 9 C-Rank, 3 D-Rank

Kage Title
May immediately add 1 S-rank and 2 A-Rank Jutsu after becoming Kage. They still must be trained, however.

- Certain Jutsu must be trained before they can be acquired and added to your character. Jutsu training is done by RPing the training sequence in which your character learns the Jutsu.
- After you attain Jounin rank and fill up all of your 25 Jutsu slots, you may learn/add one additional Jutsu after a month and 2 completed RPs, with the permission of an Administrator or RP Moderator. They may not be S-Rank, and only every second Jutsu added through this method may be A-Rank.

- The following Jutsu MUST be trained in order to be learned/acquired:
- B-Rank Jutsu, A-Rank Jutsu, S-Rank Jutsu
- Bloodline Jutsu
- Summoning Jutsu
- The Eight Celestial Gates

Black Note:
- This is where the number of Missions you have completed will be listed by mission rank.
- All of these fields will be zero for now.
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