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Debate Rules

Post by Haruko on Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:59 pm

These are the general rules of this forum. Be sure to follow them~
Stick to the topic
There is no reason for any thread to turn into a different debate (i.e. school uniforms -> drinking age laws)

Don't insult others
  This goes without saying. One person's beliefs are their own, you have no right to insult someone based off of their beliefs, religion, family, race, etc...

Keep it Pg-13
  This should also not be a problem. If you think something might be crossing the line into unnecessary territory, it most likely is. (As a side-note: If it needs censored, don't post it.)

Everyone's entitled to an opinion, not just yours.
  There are many sides to a debate. If someone has an opinion, let it be heard. There should be no fear in voicing one's opinion in this friendly debate section.
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