Guide: RP Combat Basics

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Guide: RP Combat Basics

Post by Ryuku on Wed Oct 14, 2009 6:34 pm

RP Combat 101

These rules apply to all things in the RP, which includes but is not limited to; exams, spars, missions, and free role plays unless stated otherwise.

Keep all Content PG-13!
Do not God Mod! Some examples of God Modding:
1. Auto-hitting.
2. Using an attack that your RP character is clearly not capable of yet.
3. Claiming to have something (bloodline..jutsu.. etc.) that you clearly and obviously cannot have or use.
4. Ignoring another person's post/attack.

Be as descriptive as possible!
1. The more descriptive your post is, the better. Try to be as descriptive as possible for the best RP experience possible.
2. You may use different colors and punctuation for when your character is RPing in 3rd person, and talking if you wish. Just be sure to use "OOC" when talking out of character.
3. Don't have a senseless and pointless argument over who god modded and who won!!! The mods/admins will decide that so just RP and have fun!
4. If there are 3 or more people involved in a Spar/ Mission/ Free RP. Organize a system amongst those that are involved otherwise a mod will choose for you.
5. If you Edit your profile or add to your profile topic they wont take effect in the Free RP, Mission or Spar you are already involved in.

Example of Good Post:
Kai then saw Shin's shuriken at his foot, knowing Shin had missed purposely. [color="Navy"]"One final attack huh..." Kai noted. Low on chakra, and not having a source of fire to use the Chou butterfly technique Kai did what he could. Remembering a certain jutsu involving fingers and no morals. He smiled for a moment, then immediately ran as fast as he could at his current state making hand signs along the way and creating two bunshin illusion clones while now running in a circle around Shin attempting to confuse him. [color="Navy"]"I don't think that this will work, but here goes nothing" Kai thought.

All three of them, two clones and one the real Kai ran towards him from 3 different directions, right, left and behind. The real kai came from behind hoping that the two clones served well as a distraction and yelled, [color="Navy"]"1000 years of pain!" taking two of his fingers from each hand together and attempting drive them into Shin's rear. 10 seconds after the outcome, Kai would pass out and fall into the grass out cold.
Example of Bad Post:
*runs up and slahses his head off before he can even move* HA so thats how its gonna end huh?[color=blue] <--- MAJOR god modding.

1. Missions stats will be posted in the mission thread
2. Missions are controlled by an Admin, RP-Mod, Trial RP-Mod or Global Mod.
3. Missions will start as soon as an Admin, RP-Mod, Trial RP-Mod or Global Mod approves it.
3. You may only be in one location at once.
5. When finished with a mission, you must update your black note in your profile.

1. The winner of a spar is decided by those that are involved. if they cannot decide a mod will make judgment.
2. Rewards are assigned by the moderator who was modding the spar, based on the quality of the posts as well as the outcome.

Free Roleplay:
1. You are free to choose the area of the spar. At the end of the spar the moderator who was modding it will assign rewards based on quality of the RP posts, as well as the outcome.
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