Sensei/Student Recruitment

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Sensei/Student Recruitment

Post by Ryuku on Wed Oct 14, 2009 5:37 pm

This thread is mainly for Genin searching for a good Sensei, and Jounin/S-Jounin who want to take new students and have free slots open. If you are a Genin looking for a Sensei, you may post in this thread to see if anyone will take you as a student or just PM an individual Sensei that you like best. Use the following format if you would like to be added as a Sensei on this list, the ones with asterisks by them are optional:


[b]Jutsu User:[/b]
[b]Student Stat Gain:[/b]
[b]*Preferred students:[/b]
[b]Slots Open:[/b]
[b]*How to Contact[/b]:
[b]*Additional Info.[/b]

Name: Ryuku
Rank: Jounin
Jutsu User: Ninjutsu
Student Stat Gain: 0%
*Preferred students: Any
Slots Open: 2 Slots
*How to Contact: MSN,
*Bloodline: None
*Additional Info. Taken over 40 students, and will take just about anyone as long as they are somewhat active. Will provide money for jutsu and large house to get you started. I am a moderator and get assigned to a new village monthly, so if you are in a different village and want to be my student, I will add you whenever I happen to get a report from that village and have to jump.

Name: AiKirikaX
Rank: Jounin
Jutsu User: Weapon
Student Stat Gain:
*Preferred students: anyone
Slots Open: 2
*How to Contact: pm, through forum/TNR
*Bloodline: me: silver moon, student: doesnt matter
*Additional Info. you can have me... but i wont be of much use XD

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