Chakra Limits

- In this RP Forum, we have something called "Chakra Limits" that define how many Jutsu of each rank you are capable of using during a battle, a mission, or just a general RP.
- The purpose of this is to ensure that people don't use an unrealistic amount of Jutsu relative to their rank, and also to help our RP Mods with their moderating duties.
- At the bottom of each of your posts, you will post your current chakra pool based on how any Jutsu you have used in that battle/mission/RP.
- The format will be, Chakra: (amount here)

The Chakra that each Rank has is as follows:

- Academy Student: 40
- Genin: 100 chakra
- Chuunin: 300 chakra
- Jounin: 800 chakra
- Kage: 1000 chakra -

Chakra Usage for each Jutsu Rank:

- E-Rank Jutsu: 5 chakra
- D-Rank Jutsu: 10 chakra
- C-Rank Jutsu: 20 chakra
- B-Rank Jutsu: 50 chakra
- A-Rank Jutsu: 100 chakra
- S-Rank Jutsu: 200 chakra